HKS Racial Equity Now

We are a group of Harvard Kennedy School students demanding Racial Equity Now! We are calling on the Harvard Kennedy School to commit to creating a culture and curriculum built on the principles of anti-racism. 

About Us

HKS Equity Coalition

The HKS Equity Coalition is a group of students committed to building a movement for equity and justice at Harvard Kennedy School. We are intentionally not an official student group. We are student organizers who mobilize our peers, pressure the administration to create transformative change, and hold each other accountable in community.

The work of Equity Coalition is race explicit, not exclusive. By this we mean our work explicitly names and centers anti-Black racism while demanding change that is intersectional and inclusive of gender identity, socioeconomic status, caste, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, immigration status, religion, nationality, age and more. 

Equity Coalition seeks both equitable outcomes and an equitable process, one in which power is shifted to students to imagine, design, and govern a new culture and curriculum at Harvard Kennedy School.

Equity Coalition envisions a world where people create change from where they are. Though we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, we are all students at Harvard Kennedy School. As such, we acknowledge our privilege and seek a reckoning with the institution’s history, culture, and ideologies that have played (and continue to play) a significant role in shaping unjust policies and practices across the world.

Equity Coalition has no interest in maintaining the status quo.

What We Want


1. Implement a mandatory semester-long course on the history of race and inequality for Fall 2020


2. Implement a mandatory racial equity training for students, faculty, and staff across all programs (MPP, MPA, MPA-ID, MC/MPA) starting in Spring 2020 and continuing during Orientation 2020


3. Cluster hire a cohort of three-to-four faculty of color who critically study the intersectionality of race, gender, class, and power.

Join in Demanding Racial Equity Now